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Monday, July 1, 2013

1943 Caldecott Winner

Title: The Little House

Author and Illustrator: Virginia Lee Burton

Method of Reading/Extra Activities: We read the book together and had a toy house right next to us to play with while reading. This book also came with a CD, so we were able to listen to someone else read the book, too. Then we also attempted a craft project! Using toothpicks and Mod Podge, we tried to build a stick house. I'm thinking this was a little too ambitious to do with a two year old. See our lovely results?  

About the Text: A little house is built in the country and at times wonders what life is like in the city. Years pass and eventually, due to the city's expansion, she finds out first-hand what city life is like, and she does not like it. She becomes sad and lonely (lots of personification in this book!). Eventually, a family rescues her and moves her back to the country, where she is once again happy and peaceful.
About the Illustrations: The colorful illustrations are so cute in this book. They are unique in that the little house is always in the center of the picture, but the scenery and surroundings are constantly changing. The house changes very little, but her surroundings drastically change throughout the story, and the illustrations deftly emphasize this.

Our Favorite Part: The illustrations of the house when it was nighttime. There were lots of stars when the house lived in the countryside!

Our Least Favorite Part: This book made Mama tear up! Mama can relate to the little house. I'm a country gal living in the city. Hopefully someday we can move back to the country. :)


  1. Very sweet review. I enjoyed it. The craft was very well done. Gabriel has such architectural talent already. I'm sorry you miss country living. I'm torn about praying for you to live in the country as I'm sure you know why, but someday I hope your dream comes true.

    1. I'm assuming "anonymous" is my mother-in-law, and in that case, yes, I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want us to move to the country. :) I'm not entirely like "The Little House". The little house was alone and sad in the city, but I have family and friends that love me in the city! :D

  2. Ahhhhh! What a cute exchange between the two of you! MR, I enjoyed your review again today. It brings me much joy to see the woman/wife/mother you have become.