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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1944 Caldecott Winner

Title: Many Moons

Author: James Thurber

Illustrator: The illustrator of the Caldecott-winning version is Louis Slobodkin. The illustrator of the version we read is Marc Simont.

Method of Reading/Extra Activities: We technically did not read the book that won the 1944 Caldecott medal. The text of this book has been republished with new illustrations by a different artist. And since the Caldecott medal is given for illustrations, we really didn't get to experience the Caldecott-winning aspect of this book. I really have no idea why on earth an author (or in this case, I think it was the author's daughter) would republish a book that has won the Caldecott medal with new illustrations. Why mess with a good thing?!?! Anyway, our library does not have the original version, so that is why we read the republished version.

We read the book twice. Then Gabriel and I drew pictures of the moon and stars. We used black card stock and an opaque white painting marker. Gabriel had a lot of fun drawing. See our great pictures and my big boy's cute little grin?

About the Text: A princess becomes ill, and her father promises to get her anything she desires, so that she can get better again. The princess asks for the moon. The king and his royal advisers are distraught because they do not know how to accomplish this impossible task. Finally, the royal jester comes up with a plan of how to give the princess the moon.
About the Illustrations: As I mentioned, we did not read the original version, so I am unable to comment about the Caldecott-winning illustrations. The pictures in the updated version were cute and colorful.

Our Favorite Part: The page that had fireworks on it! Gabriel kept wanting to turn back to the fireworks page.

Our Least Favorite Part: This book has a lot of text on each page, so it doesn't really hold a toddler's attention.


  1. That is really strange that the book was republished with different pictures!

  2. I loved the photo of Gabriel with his paintings.