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Thursday, June 13, 2013

1940 Caldecott Winner

Title: Abraham Lincoln
Authors and Illustrators: Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire (husband/wife authors/illustrators - how romantic)

Method of Reading/Extra Activities: Gabriel, Philip, and I read several pages each day during our newly established "morning reading time", during which we attempt to read for 20 minutes in our little reading corner after breakfast. After we finished the book, we looked at pennies and saw Abraham Lincoln engraved on them. I thought it would be fun to make some pencil rubbings of the pennies, but Gabriel decided it would be more fun to put the pennies on our belly buttons.

About the Text: The book provided a brief biographical look at Abraham Lincoln's life, focusing on details and vignettes that children would find interesting. Since the book is geared for children, its focus is on Lincoln's childhood, though it does, of course, cover his presidency, the Civil War, emancipation, etc. The book did not discuss his assassination and death.
About the Illustrations: Each page (well, facing pages were designed as a joint unit) contained illustrations that corresponded with the different stories presented on that particular page. The illustrations alternated between black and white, and full-color. The drawings were quite detailed, containing many animals and people.

Our Favorite Part: Seeing pigs and horses in the pictures. And, of course, playing with the pennies. Gabriel kept them in his pocket all morning long, until Mama made him take them out at nap time.
Our Least Favorite Part: Paying attention to the story. It was a long book with a lot of words (for an almost 2-year-old).

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