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Monday, June 17, 2013

1941 Caldecott Winner

Title: They Were Strong and Good

Author and Illustrator: Robert Lawson

Method of Reading/Extra Activities: Gabriel, Philip, and I read the book one night before bed. The next day I created a mini book with black and white "pencil sketch" photos of our own family. Gabriel had fun coloring the pictures of his grandparents and parents. Then we "read" our family's book (I briefly told the boys about the background of each family member). Finally, we read They Were Strong and Good a second time.

About the Text: The author tells about the lives of his parents and his grandparents, devoting a section to each individual. The theme is that although his family may not have been famous or important, they were strong and good. Every life has a role to play in this world.
About the Illustrations: The illustrations are black and white sketches. Each family member's "chapter" begins with a cameo-type sketch of that particular person. There are also sketches that correspond to the information or stories about each individual.

Our Favorite Part: The picture of a monkey eating a hat. Gabriel also said the picture on the cover of the book was Papa (Grandfather Brecht) and Mama (me). The man on the cover has a mustache like Papa, and the girl is young and beautiful like Mama. ;)

Our Least Favorite Part: Some of the illustrations weren't very exciting for a toddler.

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